“NetZero by 2027”: SAN Group will reduce its emissions by 90 percent by 2027

05. June 2023

We are already taking important measures today for a better tomorrow: With our goal of “NetZero by 2027” we will save 90 percent of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 2027.

Climate protection is a hot topic nowadays; increasing legal requirements and regulations are to pave the way for implementing a clear climate strategy. Once again, we’re acting as a role model: Our ambitious goal of “NetZero by 2027” means that we want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in Scopes 1 (direct emissions) and 2 (indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy) by 90 percent. Only the remaining 10 percent are permitted to be neutralized by purchasing certificates.

Measures for continuous reduction

In order to implement our “NetZero by 2027” goal and to continuously reduce emissions, we’re taking a variety of different measures with the responsible persons at all sites: Electric, hydrogen, and hybrid vehicles, including the necessary charging infrastructure, make a “green fleet,” and electricity is generated from renewable energy sources by photovoltaic systems at our sites in the best possible way. The already existing storages allow for a higher consumption of the generated energy at our sites, and additional, necessary electricity is made available by purchasing green electricity, if possible. Additionally, our conventional heating systems will be replaced step by step with renewable energy sources, and cooling agents will be replaced by environmentally-friendly alternatives. Some of the measures have already been implemented. Our photovoltaic system at SAN Biotech Park, for instance, has helped us to reduce our electricity consumption from the power network by 50 percent.

Path to a better tomorrow

In order to get a holistic view, we also collect and analyze data around indirect emissions with regard to Scope 3 along the entire value chain. This includes procurement and transport of raw materials, business travels, our employees’ travel to and from work, waste disposal, and transport of our products to our customers. Data collected for the analyses of Scope 3 emissions will then be used for defining a quantitative reduction goal for this scope, as well.

With the help of all these measures and our “NetZero by 2027” goal, we are convinced that we will pave the way for a better tomorrow.