News from SAN Biotech Park

04. March 2024

SAN Biotech Park - the global headquarters of SAN Group

SAN Biotech Park, the future headquarters of SAN Group, consists of the main building and the industrial building and will provide space for 180 employees.
As the entire building complex is based on sustainable planning and construction, the central concept of the building is its resource efficiency, be it particularly sustainable building technology with photovoltaic systems, downhole heat exchanger and waste heat recovery, or collection of rainwater from flat roofs for the operation of the sanitary systems.

The completion of the main building, consisting of offices, laboratory facilities, auditorium, atrium, restaurant, and company kindergarten, is scheduled for the beginning of 2024. The sustainable, unique construction method offers employees the best working conditions.


  • March 4, 2024: moving into SAN Biotech Park

    We're thrilled to announce that we're finally moving into SAN Biotech Park, the new global headquarters of SAN Group!

    SAN Biotech Park is not just a building; it's a symbol of our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and growth. With the main building and industrial facility ready to welcome our team, we're gearing up for an exciting new chapter in the history of our company.

    Designed with sustainability in mind, SAN Biotech Park boasts cutting-edge features like solar power systems, downhole heat exchangers and waste heat recovery, making it a beacon of eco-friendly construction in our industry.

    This state-of-the-art complex will house our offices, laboratory facilities, auditorium, atrium, restaurant, and a company kindergarten, providing our team with the best possible working environment.

    We can't wait to see the incredible work and discoveries that will come out of SAN Biotech Park as we continue our mission to further the health of animals, plants, and the planet.

  • February 2024: 3 weeks to go

    The move to the SAN Biotech Park is approaching rapidly. It will take place at the beginning of March. Until then, there is still a lot to be done, but work is in full swing. We already have an artwork in front of the entrance, the reception desk is also in place, and some offices and conference rooms are already furnished. Soon, the tables and chairs for our employee restaurant will also arrive.

  • November 2023: 3 months to go

    We're delighted to share the latest strides in the construction of our future-forward global headquarters, the SAN Biotech Park. Our vision is rapidly materializing, and we're thrilled to keep you in the loop.

    • A Grand Entrance: The SAN Biotech Park now proudly sports its name with the installation of sleek signage, setting the tone for the innovation hub that lies within.
    • Smooth Rides Ahead: Navigating to excellence is now smoother than ever, thanks to the freshly paved driveway that ensures a seamless journey for all our stakeholders.
    • Green Oasis: Nature is flourishing around us! Trees and bushes have been planted, and they're growing fast – a green touch that adds vibrancy to our surroundings. (Yes, we're chuckling at their speedy growth too! LOL)
    • Revolving into the Future: Our entrance is complete with the installation of a state-of-the-art revolving door, symbolizing the dynamic spirit of SAN Group.
    • Laboratories and Offices Ready: Our cutting-edge laboratories and offices are prepped and awaiting the furnishing that will bring them to life.
    • Caring for Our Future Generation: The cradle for our little ones is taking shape, reflecting our commitment to a family-friendly environment. A space designed for our youngest members, aged 6 months to 3 years.

    The SAN Biotech Park is not just a building; it's the embodiment of our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a brighter future. Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly anticipate the next phase of this exciting journey.

  • August 2023: Interior construction in progress

    From the outside, the SAN Biotech Park already looks finished. There is still a lot of work going on inside. Countless kilometers of cables have to be laid, formwork installed, and panels assembled.

  • March 2023: Topping-out ceremony

    Ceremony on the occasion of completing the shell of the main building.

  • March 2023: The façade is closed

    The installation of the prefabricated wood construction parts is finished.

  • December 2022: Concrete work is done

    The conctrete work was completed by the end of 2022.

  • October 2022: Completion of the industrial building

    The entire industrial building was completed and handed over to its users. SAN Agrow colleagues are already working in the state-of-the-art greenhouse and conducting the first trials in there.

  • September 2022: Opening of first green hydrogen production in Lower Austria

    The first green hydrogen production site in Lower Austria was opened by a high-ranking delegation including Vice-Governor Stephan Pernkopf, Christoph Artner, Mayor of the city of Herzogenburg, Erich Erber, founder and president of SAN Group, and the managing board of the organization. This fully integrated energy concept of the SAN Biotech Park uses waste heat and reconversion of hydrogen guarantees from now on the supply of the entire site. Additionally, a H2 filling station provides part of the organization’s fleet comprising five hydrogen cars and selected external partners. 

  • April 2022: Assembling of H2 production facilities and H2 refueling station

    We are one of the first companies in Austria to produce their own hydrogen.
    These days, Fronius Solar Energy has assembled the production facilities and the refueling station. The opening is planned for the end of summer 2022.

  • Feburary 2022: Construction start main building

    Erich Erber, founder and president of SAN Group, visited the construction site in course of the go-ahead of the main building.

  • October 2021

  • June 2021: Construction start industrial building

    The go-ahead for the construction of the industrial building was given in June 2021. Nine months later, the progress is impressive: Interior construction has begun, and the heating, plumbing, air conditioning and ventilation systems are currently being installed.
    As we live Passion for Innovation as a company culture, we are proud to be one of the first companies in Austria to produce our own hydrogen. The assembly of the hydrogen production and hydrogen refueling station started at the beginning of April.
    It is planned to open and commission the industrial building, which offers high-tech research areas and space for about ten employees, at the end of summer 2022 and moving into the main office building at the end of winter 2024.

  • May 2021: Groundbreaking ceremony

    Official start of the the construction of the headquarter and the center for research and development