Take a look at work life.

The next generation of passionate people must be supported! To do this, SAN Group offers internships for pupils and students. For you, it’s a good opportunity to take a look at work life. For us, it’s the chance to get to know potential future employees. Internships are published on our online job portal – just filter for “Interns”. The application process is the same as with regular positions.

I’m already doing my second internship with SAN Group. Last year I worked for SAN Real on the construction site. This year I support the winery DER FÖRTHOF. It’s great to make this large variety of work experiences. I am from Hungary, and I also appreciate a lot working in an international team. It helps me to improve my English and German language skills. My colleagues are great, they teach and support me a lot, but do not overload me. And I see that they really appreciate the work I do. I guess there are few opportunities in life like this: working together with so many great people around me. If I would work again for SAN Group? Sure! Anytime!

Tamás, Intern SAN Real, DER FÖRTHOF

My internship consisted of 4 weeks working in 3 vastly different environments. I was honestly really surprised to be able to work in the wilderness of the vineyards, buildings under construction, as well as state of the art labs all under one company. I initially wanted to do the internship to learn more about business during an otherwise uneventful summer holiday, but ultimately learned a more important lesson afterwards: understanding what it feels like to work. My favorite part of the internship was seeing the contrast and variety in which people in different working environments handle their jobs. It was definitely a positive experience of a lifetime.

Richard, Intern SAN Real, DER FÖRTHOF, SAN Group R&D



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I was in my mid-30s when I decided to go to university and do a master’s in Marketing and Sales. In the third semester we were required to do an internship. So, I applied to work for Erich Erber’s previous company. In the course of the internship, I was already asked whether I wanted to join permanently as Employer Brand Manager as soon as I graduated. Later, after Erich sold the company and founded SAN Group, he asked me to take over the communication and marketing position in the new organization. Definitely! Now I am Corporate Communication and Brand Manager at SAN Group worldwide

Birgit, Corporate Communications & Brand Manager SAN Group