Experienced professionals show more than five years of experience in their field of expertise and ideally have a track record of past successes in this area. Due to the growth of SAN Group, we offer a number of interesting job opportunities all around the world. Just go to our list of open positions and filter for career level “Experienced Professionals” to get an overview of our latest career opportunities.

Our orientation training is only one of the measures to support a successful start at SAN Group. In times of professional challenges or when taking over new responsibilities, personal coaching programs can be set up with external partners. We want our professionals to unfold their full potential for innovation while having all the tools they need to succeed personally and professionally at SAN Group. This contributes to our growth and success: We want to provide you with internal and external development offers and career paths that may not always be straight, but are always interesting, challenging, and with a purpose. Since we are a global company, we support international careers and developments. Find out more about the various fields of expertise:



More than two thirds of our senior managers were promoted into their current position from within SAN Group. Exemplary careers of women in senior management positions at SAN Group prove our credo of equal opportunities for men and women. The same is true for the general principle to create conditions that enable our employees to align professional and personal life – even in a management position.

I’ve worked for Erich Erber since 2010. I started as HR Assistant and was soon promoted to HR Manager. Later I became Team Lead Recruiting and HR Business Partner MEA. After a while, a second HR Business Partner role was added for the former corporate holding in Erich’s previous enterprise. After the carve-out and the founding of SAN Group, I became Head of Human Resources in Erich’s new venture. Now I am Chief HR Officer and member of the SAN Group Executive Board. If you are passionate about your field of expertise, this company is the place to be and to progress in your personal and professional development. We work in a very dynamic environment, and it is amazing how you can contribute as an individual to shape this great company. It’s just SANtastic.

Kai Lie, Chief HR Officer, SAN Group Corporate



As the ambassador for our company, you are responsible for generating sales in your assigned region with existing and new customers. It is very important to us that you develop and maintain long-term relations. You are our eyes and ears in the market, and work closely together with our Technical Sales Managers and Product Managers. This is how you provide ideal support to both current and potential customers.

To become a Sales Manager at SAN Group, you need academic training in natural sciences or an educational background in agribusiness. Practical experience in related industries is an advantage. Since you are our organization’s face to the customer, we are looking for self-motivated, results-focused personalities with a cheerful, can-do attitude.

My favorite part is the agriculture industry and the people we have the opportunity to work with day in and day out. Our customers are genuinely great, hardworking people that make work fun. I do not see my job as just sales per se, it is more of helping our customers find a solution with our product line. We are often troubleshooting pests, disease, weeds, or nutritional deficiencies and looking for ways that our sustainable line can help fill the gap. At the end of the day, we are helping growers produce a quality product that helps feed the world. I could not picture myself working in a different industry. Working at SAN Agrow in the USA provides a small, close-knit team, we work together and are there to support each other. In my current role I lead the sales and marketing team for North America. I also work closely with our distributors and the upper management level to help strengthen our relationships with our customers. Every day of my job is different, and I enjoy navigating the different challenges and victories our team encounters.

Heather, Regional Sales Manager USC, SAN Agrow

I knew Sanphar, which is now SAN Vet, as a customer. So I already had good business relationships with some of the employees. Also, I had a great deal of trust in the products and services. My good impression was confirmed by the professional recruiting process. Why should one work here? Now that the Brazilian Sanphar has become the global SAN Vet, there are enormous business opportunities for the company and development opportunities for the employees – especially in sales, where excellent work always brings excellent returns. And on top, the spirit between colleagues and the feeling of partnership, respect, and support within the teams is just great.

Thiago, Area Sales Manager, SAN Vet Brazil



The basis of our success is strong in-house R+D. As a Scientist at SAN Group, your pioneering spirit will be challenged by managing, planning, coordinating, and conducting defined research and development projects either in your research team or across teams in a (global) matrix project. To keep your expertise up-to-date at all times, you will actively participate in international scientific congresses to extend your knowledge and professional network.

To become a Scientist at SAN Group you need a Master or PhD in natural sciences and at least 3 years of experience in a specific field of research. We are looking for self-motivated personalities who are good at thinking out-of-the-box and are passionate about science and research.



As Product Manager you are the link between R+D and the market. Since you are THE expert for your product line, conducting trainings for your colleagues in Sales and our customers is part of your daily job. Product management is also the place where all the data of our field trials comes together. We are eager to share your and our expertise with the global technical community and gain new insights into current topics. Therefore, you will participate in international conferences, congresses, and industry fairs.

To become a Product Manager at SAN Group you need a degree in natural sciences and some practical experience in commerce (sales and/or product marketing). Since you have to conduct trainings and product presentations, we are looking for outgoing and communicative personalities.

I started out in engineering which taught me organization and a process approach to solving problems. But I soon moved into an area of passion for me, studying and working in horticulture. I've been a commercial grower and developed a career in consultancy, particularly in vineyards. Since moving to Product Management, I feel I bring a combination of practical experience and knowledge into developing and growing products that meet the needs of growers in sustainable agriculture. I love being in the middle of all the processes, making sure everything runs smoothly from product development and proof in the field, through to launch and helping the success of our customers. There is always something exciting going on and I have a sense of pride when I see something I was a part of succeeding out in the world.

Manuela, Product Manager, SAN Agrow

I hold a BSc in Agriculture and a master’s in Engineering with specialization in agronomic engineering (AgTech). Throughout my entire professional career, I have been working directly in agricultural innovation. For the last years, my professional activities have focused on Product Management of new nutritional, crop protection and biostimulant products, but also on Research and Development, study of soil microbiome, and offering technical support and consultancy. It is great to make use of all this experience here at SAN Agrow. I am right at the interface of research, sales, and regulatory affairs to introduce new product ranges to our European portfolio. It is one of the best aspects of working as a product manage to have the possibility of coordinating the whole lifecycle of a product.

Marcos, Product Manager, SAN Agrow



Depending on your specialization either in species (swine, ruminant, poultry, aquaculture) or crops, you support the local Sales Managers in the field, giving technical advice to their customers and key accounts. Furthermore, you organize and give product presentations and trainings in close cooperation with your colleagues in Product Management. Your strengths are developing business opportunities and ensuring that effective customer relationships are built up and maintained. This includes regular customer visits.

To become a Technical Sales Manager at SAN Group you need academic training in agribusiness (veterinary medicine, nutritionist, crop sciences, etc.). Since we expect you to be close to our customers, you have to be willing to travel up to 50% of your time within your region.

Technical Service Manager is not just a job; it is an opportunity to develop and share technical knowledge with customers. Taking on new challenges, getting to know new cultures and different points of view every day makes this position even more fascinating. I had the opportunity to work in different professional areas. As a veterinarian, I worked in two big swine companies in charge of animal health and production and at the university, as a professor. In this role I worked on my academic and scientific vision, performing scientific projects, and generating new knowledge. All this experience gave me a broad and systematic view of swine health and production, a technical-scientific view, and an analytical mindset. This is of advantage in my day-to-day tasks at SAN Vet in all business fields: Biosecurity, vaccines, and medical.

Paulo, Technical Service Manager, SAN Vet

What makes me most passionate about being a Technical Service Manager is not only to provide technical information, but to share knowledge and experience adapted to the real needs of each customer and their specific challenges in different regions and different kinds of production. I started my professional journey in animal health working as a veterinarian in a big agro-enterprise in the south of Brazil, being the technical person responsible for the production of 10 million day-old broiler chicks per month. The experience with the in-ovo vaccination in these hatcheries took me to work for a huge biological company, being responsible for vaccination services and products for breeders, hatcheries, broilers, and layers. In SAN Vet I can use those abilities to support the field production focusing on biosecurity, prevention, health, and sanitary education

Ana, Technical Service Manager, SAN Vet



A global organization like SAN Group is not solely run by general management, sales, product management, technical sales, and R+D. Due to our growth we constantly provide new opportunities in a number of other fields of profession (e.g., production and procurement, marketing, human resources, finance, controlling, accounting, IT, general administration, facility management, real estate development, mergers and acquisitions, etc.). Check our open positions on a regular basis for new opportunities.

And, starting in one process or one global business unit does not mean that you must stay there forever. We can provide a number of examples where colleagues started and progressed their career in one department and then developed in a quite different field. Here are some examples of careers out-of-the-box at SAN Group: 

I already worked for Erich Erber since 2017. In his previous company I started my career as Facility Maintenance Specialist & Project Manager. Later, when he founded SAN Group, he asked me to join his new enterprise in the position of Head of Operation & Engineering. After a year I was offered the position as General Manager of our real estate company SAN Real. Since mid-2022 I am Head of the global business unit SAN Venture, overseeing the businesses of SAN Real, SAN Enertech, and our DER FÖRTHOF winery and hotel project. My background? My parents and my brother run their own winery, but I attended a technical college for electrical engineering. So, I dare say, the perfect base for my responsibilities at SAN Group.

Martin, Head of GBU SAN Venture