The name SAN (三) is derived from the Chinese word for “three” (三). The philosophy of “three” is best expressed by the ancient Chinese incense urn. Such objects are found in every Chinese temple to hold the incense for prayers. As this incense urn has only three legs, it can stand steadily no matter how uneven the surface may be. SAN Group is, so to speak, also able to stand on any ground in a stable way.

Back in the year 2007, when I founded SAN Pacific Investments, I first wanted to name this company SANUK (สนุก), which is Thai and means “fun”. Because if you have the right passion for and fun with what you do, success will follow automatically. Then I realized it might be difficult to pronounce the name properly in many parts of the world. So, I only chose the first three letters that made it “SAN,” which is Chinese and means “three”.

Erich Erber

Start with “WHY?“

It was once postulated, that you always must start with the “WHY”! Everybody knows what the company they work for does and how they do it. Not many know why they do it.
The “WHY” of SAN Group is clear:

Driven by an entrepreneurial force we recognize opportunities and challenges faster than anybody else. That’s why we are able to not only improve our businesses but the entire world around us. And we do that in a careful, sustainable manner which is second to none. Never just for our own advantage - but to make this world and this life better for everybody we have contact with.
At SAN Group we share a Passion for Innovation.

How do we get there?

SAN Group thinks sustainably in three dimensions: Ecological, Social, Economic.
SAN Group has a great recipe for success: Passion + People = Profit (in exactly that order).
SAN Group promises to its customers Science, Service, and Speed.

All this comes together to form the 9 Candles of SAN Group.

Ecological Sustainability

Being a change agent for a green environment is in our DNA. We aim for zero CO2 emission and achieve this through waste reduction, recycling, and clean energy production. These efforts are proven by external certificates.

Social Sustainability

As responsible global citizens we grant the same chances to everyone. We highly value diversity arising through gender, nationalities, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, professional and social backgrounds. We support education and development – not only that of our own employees.

Economic Sustainability

With a strong financial backbone and entrepreneurial spirit, we invest in “what we understand and have a passion for”. Having the right people on the bus as well as focusing on solutions with a flexible and creative mind makes us a winning team.  


We are passionate about what we do. This passion is our “wick in the candle” that guides us and lights our way through times of resistance and opposition. We find the niches others have not seen; we do not copy, but we find our own (new) ways.


With the right passion you find the right people. We cultivate a climate of open communication, trust, and respect, where everyone leads by example. Speaking up when something goes in the wrong direction and constructive feedback are part of our culture. We know that people grow through challenges and are motivated by rewards.


We know that profit is then a natural result of our ventures – it is not the purpose. Financial success supports our future growth, investments, and secures rewarding our employees. We follow our vision without ignoring the facts.


Research and development are the base of our success.We cherish innovation and invest into new scalable methods and technologies. We are proud not to copy.Our science is inspired by the future needs of our customers. As such, we think ahead of the curve.


We invest in long-term relationships built on trust. We achieve this through respectful customer care and professional complaint handling. We know that customers prefer to buy from the industry leaders and appreciate a one-stop shop. These are our benchmarks.


The right speed at each level of your organization can be a real differentiator! We know that the “right speed” also means to pause occasionally to re-think and re-evaluate in order to be able to make the right decision. Our stakeholders can trust in the fact that we are willing to run long marathons with them, not only short sprints.