Opening of first green hydrogen production in Lower Austria

08. September 2022

The first green hydrogen production site in Lower Austria was opened by a high-ranking delegation including Vice-Governor Stephan Pernkopf, Christoph Artner, Mayor of the city of Herzogenburg, Erich Erber, founder and president of SAN Group, and the managing board of the organization. They celebrated the forward-looking technological advance together with this official opening ceremony. The site will be operated by 100% renewable energy. The total investment is about 3 million euros.

Hydrogen is the future

This fully integrated energy concept of the SAN Biotech Park uses waste heat and reconversion of hydrogen guarantees from now on the supply of the entire site. Additionally, a H2 filling station provides part of the organization’s fleet comprising five hydrogen cars and selected external partners. At the moment, SAN is negotiating with several companies and communities in order to give them the possibility to familiarize with this topic and to gather experience with green hydrogen.
In Herzogenburg, Lower Austria, SAN Group currently builds a top-notch center for research and development, the SAN Biotech Park. The H2 system was built by the Upper Austrian company Fronius International GmbH and is part of the already completed industrial building. For the supply of the electrolysis a photovoltaic system with a performance of 1.5MW was built on the roofs of the organization-owned industrial park, which equals the annual energy consumption of approx. 200 households.  

"Hydrogen is one of the most important environmentally friendly future technologies – in particular when it is produced exclusively by renewable energies. I would like to congratulate SAN Group and Erich Erber on the opening of the hydrogen filling station and the initiative taken," said Stephan Pernkopf, Vice Governor.

Total investment costs of the hydrogen production including the adjacent photo voltaic system are about 3 million euros.

Sustainable working place

“Our hydrogen project is the beginning of a series of investments of SAN Group in the field of renewable energies”, says a happy Erich Erber, founder and president of SAN Group, thinking about the future.
SAN Biotech Park is the best example showing that SAN Group takes innovative ways and is a role-model in many areas. SAN Biotech Park will be ready for occupancy in 2023/2024 and provides space for 200 employees. Sustainable building technology with photovoltaic system, geothermal probes, collection of rain water for operating sanitary facilities, green facades and a green roof are only parts of the resource-efficient building concept of SAN Group.


Opening of the H2 production and filling system f.l.t.r. Erich Erber, Founder & President SAN Group; Stephan Pernkopf, Vice-Governor; Christoph Artner, Mayor City of Herzogenburg
Fueling one of the SAN Group hydrogen cars f.l.t.r. Erich Erber, Founder & President SAN Group; Martin Blauensteiner, Project Manager SAN Group; Stephan Pernkopf, Vice-Governor; Christoph Artner, Mayor City of Herzogenburg
Hydrogen car of SAN Group