Taking action on climate change

04. August 2022

We are taking action on climate change

Therefore, we offer services and goods to our customers which help us to create a better tomorrow. We are researching and investing in sustainable solutions in the fields of animal health, plant health, and planet health.

Carbon Footprint Fiscal Year 2021
In the period from October 2020 until September 2021, SAN Group, then consisting of the entities in Austria, the US, and Brazil, produced 10,300 tons of CO2 eq.

Three Scopes of Carbon Footprint

  • Scope 1, including the CO2 which arises directly on the working sites, makes up 2%.
  • Scope 2, including electricity, makes up 1%.
  • Scope 3, including purchased services and goods (79%), the transport of raw materials and the finished goods (11%), as well as employee commuting (5%), waste and business travel (both less than 1%), accounts for 97% of SAN Group’s carbon footprint.

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming CO2-neutral regarding Scope 1 and 2 and reducing Scope 3 as well in the future. We know that we have to lead by example to create a better tomorrow.

Former SAN Real is not included in the calculation