24° Simpósio Brasil sul de Avicultura / 15ª Brasil sul Poultry Fair

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Event type Trade Fair

Centro de Cultura e Eventos Plínio Arlindo de Nes R. Assis Brasil 20 D
SC, 89801-222 Centro, Chapecó

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Poultry farming is one of the most advanced and sound sectors of intensive livestock farming and with the greatest capacity to generate and absorb scientific knowledge, as its extraordinary development in Brazil and the world stems, especially, from the technological bases on which it was built. To maintain the forefront of knowledge in this area, NUCLEOVET always counts on the admirable cooperation of specialists, researchers, professors and senior executives to plan and develop programming and also to transmit this knowledge through dense and memorable lectures.

It was an interface between poultry industries, research centers and universities that made industrial poultry farming one of the largest repositories of applied science, capable of offering the world one of the noblest, most accessible proteins with approval in all nations and in all cultures.