Strategic Investment Focus

Today for a better tomorrow

SAN Group has a strong financial backbone. This enables us to largely invest in biotechnology, green energy, future tech, and real estate, as well as in promising innovative projects in other industries. Depending on the nature and scope of the project, the investment may be done by any of our Global Business Units.

You have an innovative idea and are looking for private equity funding for your start-up? You are thinking about selling your successful company, which would fit in our portfolio?


SAN Pacific is the Asian private equity company of Erich Erber. It was established in 2007 with the clear vision to invest with high ethical and sustainable standards in agriculture and biotechnology. Based in Singapore but operative in a global network, SAN Pacific seeks investment opportunities in growth areas and future technologies worldwide. With a globally spread, well-balanced portfolio of high- and low-risk investments.

SAN Pacific invests with a “clear vision to grow” and a portfolio of “investments we understand.” In the beginning, this meant a portfolio of brick-and-mortar businesses and solid values as real estate and agricultural land. Later, the enterprise ventured into start-ups developing promising future technologies that aim to provide solutions to the pressing problems the human race is facing nowadays: destruction of the environment, abuse and waste of resources, famine, and lack of formal education. For those projects SAN Pacific also offers mentoring, networking, and the market experience of a global player. SAN Pacific is not part of the SAN Group financial consolidation circle but an independent enterprise owned by Erich Erber.

Investments in future foods, technologies, and education

The SAN Pacific contribution to sustainable development


SAN Pacific set its focus on global growth opportunities. Those (primarily minority) investments are covering areas like finance, real-estate, agri-innovation, as well as biotechnology, food science, and education.

NamZ is a food science company that dedicates all its work towards creating a healthier planet and healthier people, one meal at a time. Their passion: Redesigning comfort food.

Proterra Investment Partners is a private equity firm focused on alternative and responsible investments in the natural resources sectors of agriculture, food, metals, and mining.

WhatIF Foods aims to bring solutions to the Nutritional Paradox. We believe in a future where tasty comfort food should also be nourishing, for the well-being of all people.

ACM Biolabs focuses on developing novel vaccines and antibodies using their proprietary artificial cell membrane (“ACM”) technology. This also includes the development of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

This international school in Thailand applies Buddhist principles for a genuine values-based education. It aims to see their children excel academically and enrich their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual well-being to become true global citizens.

Other investments

X-iD – Face recognition technology
CoconutZ – Food science company
PlanEat – Non-GMO vegetable meat that tastes like real meat