Statement of Consent (Application Form)

By ticking the box of the statement of consent to the privacy policy forming a part of your job application, you expressly agree with the processing and transfer of your personal data exclusively for the application process. You warrant that your information is true. You understand incorrect information may lead to the dissolution of a possible employment.

By choosing “yes” in the field “statement of consent” to further processing of your personal data for application purposes, you expressly agree to the processing and transfer of your personal data beyond the present application process also for future job opportunities in the so-called “Talent pool”, limited in time to within 6 months from your receiving a rejection, or from the end of the application process for any other reason. In case SAN Group is willing to store and process your personal data after expiration of this 6-month period, you will be asked to provide us with your consent again in a separate statement of consent.